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LEAP Annual Learning Report 2021/2022


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LEAP Annual Learning Report 2021/2022


Early help and support in a child’s life makes a vital positive impact on their future health and wellbeing.  

The Lambeth Early Action Partnership (LEAP) is working to improve early childhood development.

This new report shows that LEAP is on track to achieve our early goal of giving more than 10,000 children aged 0 to 3 in Lambeth a better start in life. 

LEAP delivers services in parts of Lambeth where young children experience greater inequalities than children in the rest of the borough. 

In this extensive report we show that:

So far, our services have reached over 14,200 children and families (6,966 children and 7,239 parents or carers)

An additional 5,038 people have attended our community engagement activities.

LEAP has supported 1,681 practitioners across the early years’ workforce.

Families rate LEAP services very highly.

Parents report feeling more confident in supporting their child’s development. 

Our ‘Natural Thinkers’ outdoor learning sessions improved children’s wellbeing.

This research is a rich and valuable source of learning.

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